Terms and Conditions

Standard trading Terms and Conditions

These conditions are in our quotations and are on our website. They form an integral part of our contract with the purchaser. The regulations apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services. Terms and conditions of the purchaser shall not apply.

All orders are to be confirmed in writing.

Fit for purpose and rational design
ClearLook, and its employees, are not, according to the South African Glass and Glazing Association, qualified glazers. As such we will supply all products which have been specified by our customers or their representatives. We will not be held liable for any failure, breakage or the replacement of glass products which are deemed unfit by any statutory organisation or building inspectorate when the glass items were ordered specifically by the purchaser or their representative. Clearlook may offer advice and assistance to our clients, but the responsibility for the thickness, size, shape or performance will ultimately rest with the purchaser or their representatives. Advice or assistance is provided as a courtesy to the purchaser, and Clearlook does not proffer to be an expert.

Lead time
Since the majority of our products are manufactured specifically and then imported there may be, from time to time, a lead time between order and delivery. The purchaser will need to specify an exact date for the delivery of goods before ordering. We will endeavour to always ensure that products are delivered as timeously as possible but a long lead time from order to delivery without requesting an exact delivery date will not constitute mal-performance on our part.

All 2mm and 3mm flat float glass products which have been hand cut to size may have a deviation of up to 1.5mm across any one dimension and up to 2mm across the diagonal. For curved glass products the deviation may be increased to 3mm across the edge and 4mm across the diagonal.

All invoices are strictly COD unless prior arrangements have been made. Cash, business cheques and electronic funds transfers are all acceptable forms of payment.